Xiyangmei Tai Chi Kungfu waaiervorm 2 - 56 bewegingen

Video's Tai Chi waaiervorm 2


De waaiervormen en de andere moderne competitievormen zijn ontworpen door professor Li Deyin. Hieronder een korte biografie over deze meester.


"Li Deyin was born in 1938 in Hebei province. He was raised in the culture of wushu and began training when he was eight. His grandfather Li Yulin formally acknowledged Sun Lutang, Hao Enguang, Li Cunyi and Li Jinglin as masters. His father was a doctor who treated his patients with qigong, taiji and massage. His uncle Li Tianji created the first standardized simplified 24-form taijiquan and 32-form taiji sword. Due to his uncle Li Tianji's excellent achievement and contribution, China awarded him the title "Father of Contemporary Taijiquan." Li Deyin went to school in the morning and trained in the evening. He was trained all year round, despite a bitter cold winter or a scorching hot summer. It was in this intensive training under his patriarchal masters that Li Deyin was trained for twelve consecutive years.  Right after Li Deyin graduated from Beijing People's University in 1957, the University hired him to be a taiji master due to his excellent achievement in internal martial arts. Professor Li Deyin has trained the world's top professionals, such as Gao Jiamin, Chen Sitan and Huo Dongli, who have won gold in All-China National Tournaments and Asian Games. Professor Li has been awarded with numerous honorary titles, such as one of China's "100 Best Wushu Masters " (Wulin Bai Jie), "Best Judge." Many professional taiji people from China and the outside world, even grand champions, have come to Beijing to be trained by him."
-  Siu-Fong Evans,
Kung Fu Magazine

Achtergrondinformatie over de Tai Chi waaier
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